Draw AlphaBeasts - Use numbers to draw monsters, aliens, robots, and more

Hey Drawing Fans, I am happy to promote my NEW book Draw AlphaBeasts published by Impact books. This book is a huge 142 page book with tons of great characters to draw. Learn how to turn numbers and letters into monsters, creatures, space aliens and more! This book is easy enough for young artists but creative for older artists to enjoy too. When drawing is made easy it encourages artists to draw more. Purchase this book at Shop-Harptoons and Steve Harpster will be happy to sign and draw a fun character in the book making it one of a kind and special. 

Draw AlphaBeasts by Steve Harpster published by Impact Publishing      Create all kinds of monsters using letters

ART TIPS to help artists improve their art and drawing skills

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  • I am trying to purchase this book but, can’t find it in the store. I love your work

  • hello, I am in year three and l love drawing.
    l love your vidios and l have a whole wall full of pictures

    Airlie, an 8 yr old girl

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