Drawing to Relax

Ever tried a Zen Doodle? It's a great way to relax, relieve stress, and a great way to get over creative or artistic block. Just throw some random shapes onto a piece of paper and see what you can turn them into. This is a drawing that can be finished in a few minutes or you can work on it for years and never finish. There is no right or wrong and if you make a mistake simply turn it into some kind of weird blob with hair and spots. There are no rules! Just let your mind go and have fun. Here are some of the Zen Doodles I created while vacationing this summer. 


Here is a finished Zen Doodle

This one started with the name Tyler. Can you see it?

This one was created with the name Cooper

Here is one that isn't finished. The drawing fun can last a long time when creating a Zen Doodle. 

Happy Drawing,

Steve Harpster

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