Harptoons Deluxe Pack - 11 How to draw books and Sketchbook

Here it is...every HARPTOONS how to draw book there is. This is the complete up to date collection of Harptoons how to draw books. Steve Harpster will sign all eleven books and draw a fun cartoon character in each book. 

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What you get with the Harptoons Pack

  • How to Draw Video Games 128 page book
  • Start With a Heart - Drawing Characters Using Heart Shapes
  • Drawing Fun, Friendly Pets Using Lowercase Letters
  • Drawing Super Cute Baby Animals Using Lowercase Letters
  • Drawing Sea Animals With Numbers & Letters
  • How to Draw The Haunted Creeps and Ghastly Ghouls of Spiderbite
  • Drawing Animals With Numbers
  • Draw Awesome Aliens and Rad Robots Using Numbers and Letters
  • Draw Crazy Cartoons With Letters
  • Drawing Baby Monsters With Lowercase Letters
  • Drawing Dragons With Numbers
  • 80 page, hard cover, sketchbook with an original Steve Harpster drawing

NOTE: If you would like the book signed to a special person(s) make sure to type the name(s) in the special instructions area at checkout.

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